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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Weekend

I decided to NaNo in November over the weekend.  Tilly prevailed upon me that I needed to do something that was fun, that I would enjoy and that would get me out of the rut that I seem to put myself in around this time of year.  I think she makes a compelling argument.

We went to visit my father and his wife on the weekend too, went down on the Saturday.  It was nice to see them, they doted over the children (she has something that's wrong healthwise and is worried that it's punishment for having an abortion to not have a child that my father reckoned was to spare my brother and I the ordeal of having half-siblings before we were ready - if we're being honest, my brother and I would have found it strange but... we probably wouldn't have been all that bothered).  We did many wholesome things: walked to the shop; went blackberry picking; went to a couple of parks; baked some blackberry muffins; carved a pumpkin (so it was early) and then the kiddies went to bed.  We had a nice meal, discussed politics and then retired to bed.

My father is worried about my mental state, he asked Tilly about how I was, and is concerned.  But, bless him, he has no idea how best to show it.

We then went to a farm and the boy held an owl - something he was absolutely made up about.

Now it's work again, hence the lack of posting on here, and NaNo will no doubt eat my time too.  Hmm, babbling.

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