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Monday, 29 October 2012


It's been an odd but generally uplifting day.  Being off work this week means I get to see stuff that I don't normally have chance to see.  In this case seeing my Girlie go to Gym and bounce about the place like she was someone a few years older than she is.  It was awesome to see her enjoying herself so much and doing so well at the various things.

Then she was dancing Swan Lake in the evening because she got a book out of the library about it and wanted to see it.  Tilly showed her a couple of videos on YouTube and then she was off trying to copy them.  I'm not saying that our Girlie is hugely successful or a dancer (she's four for goodness' sake) but I am saying that it was fascinating to see her getting involved with her own ideas.

The flip side was the Boy being a complete arse all day - not satisfied with anything and crying at the drop of a hat.  This would be fine, but with me being home I am first port of call for looking after the Boy.  So, Tilly and Girlie are off doing fun things and having good times and I'm stuck with a tired and grouchy article.

Add to that Tilly telling me that I look too shorn having had a haircut and a quick shave.  I look, apparently, like Voldemort - snake-like.  Thanks Tilly, way to boost my confidence.

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