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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Credit where credit is due

I've posted before about Catherine and her support for my habits, indeed, her very successful attempt to create a forum in which I could be dressed and among friends in an acceptable way.  It occurred to me today, whilst trying to open up the lines of communication with friends that I haven't really spoken to in over two years (that's all of my RL friends), that I have never really acknowledged that in anywhere but here, in this blog.  In the spirit of reigniting contact with people I was friends with back in my University days and people with whom I kept in contact until the whole work storm kicked up in November 2010 should I also be considering telling Catherine how much I appreciated the gesture?

Okay, fine, it's me.
It was she who took the best photos and made sure I could get copies of them for my own use.  She even offered to let me borrow the dress that I wore, and the one that I was given to choose from in a brace, if I ever wanted to try it all again.  When Tilly and I first went to see them, which seemed fitting as we had our first proper date in the town where Catherine and Tarquin live, Catherine took Tilly off for a proper 'girl's chat' in which she shared the whole escapade and the pictures.  She offered to lend clothes and more pictures to Tilly should she want to investigate further and added lovely comments about how good I looked and how much it would be a good thing to try again.  All this was brought to mind whilst getting back in contact with people.

Tilly, of course, was a little uncomfortable with all of this and declined to comment further.  What I know of the conversation came from Catherine rather than from Tilly.  Indeed, beyond acknowledging that she had seen the pictures Tilly has never spoken of the conversation at all.  Obviously she was unconvinced by the whole thing and has not yet pursued any of the avenues that were opened by Catherine.  But Catherine has persisted and, as documented in these records, has raised the whole thing a few times since.  She wants a beard and so I suppose it follows that she is fascinated by my own sojourns into bending the genders.

There is also the revelation, if it can be called that, sparked by being at a birthday party today.  Girlie and the Boy were invited to a party held by another homeschooling family.  Chaos reigned.  But not in the sense that one usually associates with chaos.  There was a controlled edge to it, the eldest girl, big sister to the birthday girl, and the Girlie get on like a house on fire, despite the five year age gap.  The Girlie behaves in a manner that befits someone contemporary to the elder sister and they run the show together, with Girlie enjoying a hierarchical position above the eldest boy, who is actually second in power to the middle brother of the birthday girl's family.  It was all very fascinating to watch and to see the interaction between children of different ages and different situations within families.  What struck me, however, was the similarity it had with another birthday that I attended as a child.  At a house I have mentioned before.  Maybe that was where the memory of having my hair brushed came from and the scene of a mother brushing the hair of a blonde girl.  Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that both occurred and occurred there during a birthday party.  It would explain a lot.

So... Do I tell Catherine how much what she did was appreciated?  I do not believe that I have in the past.  Is it worth that?  Hmm.

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