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Saturday, 27 October 2012

An unusual sensation...

With a title like that you'd be forgiven for thinking the worst!

As you've probably gathered there has been stuff going on at this end.  Mainly I've been working on an evening but then there was last night and... well, I'll give all that its own post rather than clouding this one.

I've always been a sucker for faux Norse-ness and
so this fits the bill.  I never needed coffee though.
I'm not at all certain what emotion I'm feeling, save for the fact that I can at least pin down the idea of having a positive feeling to it.  I'm not saying I'm cock-a-hoop but I am saying it's not something that concerns or worries me.  Maybe it should?  No, that will be saved for over-analysis at another point, I'm sure, but, for now, I think I can put it on the positive side of the scale and have done with it.  Oh, get on with it!

So, my 'other' blog, the literary one.  I've been posting more in there lately because it's coming up time for NaNoWriMo and I'm intending to do it again.  Last time was in 2010 and it was a singularly unsatisfying experience.  Tilly was depressed, my job was being difficult (keep in mind the storm hadn't started at that point) and I ended up junking the whole exercise about three days in.  It seemed silly to even try last year.  But, mainly at Tilly's urging, I've decided to have another go this year.  Save for the fact that I have few ideas about how to develop anything that I've thought of I am reasonably excited about it and looking forward to it all getting going on Thursday.  It may make posts here even more infrequent than they have been of late.

This is that picture.  I loved it so much that I made
it my profile picture.  It originally featured where
the corsetted woman now resides in my second
ever post too.  It's a very nice picture, but it's not
anything like me.
Anyway, I digress.  I started posting over at my literary blog about writing.  Short stuff, fairly innocuous, and it was short enough to share to Google+.  So I did.  I then got added to a huge circle of Nanowrimos, which I, of course, added to my own circles.  Then everything went mental.  I went from having about 7 people on my feed to about 300.  Most of these people knew me only from the nanowrimo circle.  So it was that one of them mistook me for a bona fide female and my profile picture as a genuine representation of me.  And they called me 'sexy'.

I think it says something to say that I actually felt genuinely complimented.  The starvation diet of compliments, on physical or otherwise, that I've been on since around 2008 means that any morsel like that gets seized upon by my brain.  Let's leave out the fact that a. I'm not female and b. the profile picture doesn't resemble me in any way or even c. the fact that this stranger was male or d. on Google+ or even the fact that e. he wasn't being terribly serious, it was a public joking about.  I am, in fact, that sad.

I'm not even sure what that all means.  I think it's positive though, and here has been too much about moaning, so I shall record it.


  1. Not sure I followed that story completely. A reader went cock-a-hoop over your profile pic? Or was it that your writing voice sounded female? Not trying to be dense, but...

    1. I'll be honest, I'm not all that sure. Someone on G+ treated me as a female and offered a compliment based on a profile picture we both knew to be false and not a realistic representation. I think the point was that I was interacted with as a female by someone who knew no different. I don't believe my writing voice was any different, nor do I really buy a difference in 'voices' between genders online, I guess...

      I don't know what I guess.

      No, reading it back brings out the confusion of it all. And this 'explanation' isn't really helping either. I think I'm suggesting that compliments from Tilly are rare and that I liked being on G+ and passing, well, presenting as a female

    2. Actually... I don't know. It was just positive, and I have no real idea why that should be so. Don't think I've cleared that up at all. Sorry.

  2. Hehe, didn't mean to throw ya a curve. Just thought there might be clarification. It is very cool to be addressed as one's preferred self, regardless.

    1. If only there was clarification!

      And yes, I guess I was driving coyly at being addressed as a preferred self. Thing is, I'm not at all certain Joanna is she, if that makes sense at all...

      Aaanyway, now I'm off to NaNo!

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by!


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