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Friday, 21 September 2012

Driving to America

I'm post-beer.  1698 by Shepherd Neame.  6.5% ABV and 3.2 units a bottle, it's strong for me.  Very nice.  But this isn't a beer review.  Please excuse the short sentences.

I went to that interview.  There were no guns but the accents and the fatigues and the banter between staff was slightly intimidating, it was not the way I expected soldiers on duty to behave.  Not their problem, but mine.  It was also intensely fascinating.  The base was huge, the buildings were clearly not British, everything was very Statesian.  The interview was easily the most friendly interview I've ever attended, I think it went well and I think I made a good impression.  I'm not sure I did enough to get the job but now I get why they invited me to interview based on my letter.  Part of me is genuinely excited about it, partt of me hopes I am offered the job and may even take it.  They were lovely people, and the base was a nice place.  I wish I had been more nosey.

The journey was good too, I enjoyed the opportunity to sing along to the Pet Shop Boys (mainly) and listen to some drama on Radio Four.  I enjoyed the time to myself.  I would have enjoyed wearing a skirt too (I did back on Wednesday, with boots: very liberating) but perhaps not a good idea for a job interview.  No, it was good.  It has been a good day.  I have drunk a strong beer and tomorrow the children are going to a party of a child of some of my Uni friends, so I need to have an early night.

I should comment on other people's blogs.  I should comment on Dee's at least.  And Caitlyn's.  And on Rachel's Haven.  But I won't because I am tired and post-beer.  I'm sorry on that score.

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