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Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Little Bees

Okay, I'm quoting from Skin Horse there, but still.

Life is... not so bad I guess.  Nausea threatens again at work, general stresses and talks about "my role" in the Department - usually this translates to hard-nosed stuff that I don't cope well with.  That's not to say that other people are at fault here, why should everyone else change how they operate because I have a fragile self-esteem?  Plus points are that I've been doing better with the kiddliwinks, still not great, but better.  I feel for the Boy when I look after him - I do what my Dad used to do.  In the play park I took him to the sandpit and largely left him to his own devices.  I mean, he played well enough and had some fun but I was very aware that, well, he did do it all on his own.  Daddy didn't really play much.  Basically I suck at times.

Not to say it was a bad weekend, it wasn't.  Tilly did her parenting fair and it went very well and I looked after the Boy and I didn't get all grouchy and crap.  I got a bit stressed on the Sunday and I know that I'm being avoidant at work again but, eh, it's been fine.

Got an e-mail from the vicar too.  We haven't been to church for ages because I don't deal with it well.  I tried to get us all down this Sunday but Tilly reminded me that I was a bit pants there and she had no wish to have the chidlrens ready to explode whilst I was sat with a face like a wet weekend in Margate.  Which is a shame, because I know that Tilly really enjoys the singing and the girlie loves playing with some of the others that are her age there.  The vicar is a lovely bloke, he is, I've spoken to him before about my stuff and he was easily the most supportive person I've spoken to about cross-dressing.  I dunno.  I just feel a bit distant from Him Upstairs these days.

Speaking of stuff, it's been pretty quiet.  I appear free of fog and the like, plenty of clothes calling that want me to buy them, like normal, but my tight-assed-ness is strong at the moment (I bought the new Elysium album by the Pet Shop Boys and my phone charger stopped working) so there is no fear of me spending anything.  At least, money-wise, things are better than last year.

No images again, could be a trend.

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