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Thursday, 2 August 2012

That Boy Needs Therapy!

And he also made false teeth!
I went to my psychotherapy assessment session on Tuesday.  It was a hard session.  A very hard session.  Mainly because I didn't really know what to talk about and I got called out on my tendency to say a lot without actually scratching the surface.  Sex and sexual fantasies featured heavily and I just couldn't bring myself to really divulge them or even explain the ones I did share very well.  When it came to questioning about cross-dressing a dissembled and changed the subject rather quickly.  Go me.  I can't even be open when it's likely to help.  Also, the therapist ended the session rather oddly.

No, I don't know who made this so I can't
give proper credit.  I do know it came from
SissyKiss though, so you should go there.
So, I'm going to try and be open here.  If sexual fantasies aren't your thing (and would mine be of any interest to anyone else anyway?) then don't read the entries marked "fantasy"!  I'll be adding a new term too, like the beer reviews.  If they are of interest, then that's fine too.  Just know I'm posting them on here to break my block on them rather than to titillate so I do apologise if they don't hit any sweet spots.  Oh, and I posted a new page on here for new visitors to the place, I think there's a need of a welcome landing place, so it's up there at the top.  Do let me know what you think and if I need to change anything (Elle, dear, I'm sorry, blogger was not kind and I couldn't say where I got the lovely caption from, I hope to change it later!).

Before I get to the part that I'm not sure anyone will want to read I do want to share this: the therapist's ending statements.  He said that he was confused because there were two opposing parts to everything that had been said in the session.  Now, I don't see them as being opposing, nor even unconnected, but this is what he said.  He said that on the one hand I seemed unable to understand my own or others' emotions and largely didn't seem to understand what the purpose of them was but, on the other, I gave this "deeply moving" account of someone who had put their own emotions to one side for most of their life while trying desperately to work out what other people wanted so that I could give that to them.  On the basis of that dichotomy, he used that term, he wanted me to be checked out for being Aspergic.  He believed, quite strongly, that most of my issues (not all, he was careful to add) were down to the fact that I was highly autistic and likely Asperger's Syndrome afflicted.  So... uh... there you go.

It'll be two weeks until he writes the letter (no, really, he said it woud take that long) and, presumeably, a few weeks more before I get an appointment.  Such is the way of things with our dotty Uncle NHS.


  1. Not a problem, Bex! In fact, I'm so sorry that I've not been by to visit for a while. Too out of it lately, and not expecting things to be following their 'normal' flow on that side of the pond, what with all the goings-on and gamey folks about!

    I'm actually digging the fact that you used the image as the link! Thanks, hon! Didn't know that could be done. (i'm so illiterate, technologically speaking.)


    1. The fact you stop by at all is enough, Elle. As for the image linking, it appears to have been more luck than management - I'm just glad it worked!



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