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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


No real reason, but a place to put some music that's been jingling in my head of late.

Yes, this would be the second version of this that I've posted.  I like the way that dubstep is so bloody obnoxious - there's no way you can avoid the noise and no way you can weather it if it's not your bag.  For this reason it works well with the lyrics of the song, I guess, and I've heard dubstep covers that fail miserably too.  This one works.  I rather like it.

Another melancholy offering by the Pet Shop Boys.  For this reason I may buy the alb- oh who am I kidding?  I'm a bit of fan of them so I'll be buying it with a girlish squee regardless of overall quality.  However, this video seems to add a layer to the lyrics and the story.  It's a random road journey in Tokyo so far as I can tell but it seems to carry a narrative when combined with the song.  An example of the visuals enhancing a song.  Good to watch late at night with the lights off or down low, in my opinion.  Has been replayed in the dark with the Boy asleep close by a few times.  Play it alone and savour it.

I heard this one again on Ashes to Ashes in series three, in the last few episodes.  They used it really well, the horrid choking laugh of Phil Collins being used to go over the part where Gene Hunt leans in to another character and tells him something that has the hard man screaming in fear.  I like the story of this too.  Always struck me that it was a murderer doing the talking to a potential victim who may or may not be the prostitute he's singing about.  I like the veiled violence and threat in the way Collins sings the line "Now get down, down here, beside me.  O-o-h, you ain't goin' nowhere" but that's just me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have frustration and anger as actual emotional states.  If guilt is an emotion we can add that, but mostly just those two.  Otherwise I tend to be a block of wood.

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