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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Beer Review: Wainwright

Not sure when I'll get the chance again and there's been many beers looking over my shoulder.  I was trying last night, but my wonderful Boy had issues going to sleep and I ended up conking out with him sometime before 10pm.  How do I know?  Tilly came and checked on us then.  We went to bed at 8pm, after reading to my dau-


Tonight it is the turn of Wainwright from Thwaites - the brewery of my childhood that was in every single pub my family ever went to have meals in until we moved north and then was in every pub we went for meals with my grandparents in thereafter.

It is not that strong at 4.1% ABV and so I chose it on that basis for the night's beer.  I have a lot planned for the morning and thought I wouldn't get too sleepy come then on this.  It has apparently won awards, 2011 Best Bottled Beer in the industry awards, and is named after the poet.  I have to say the aroma did not disappoint but I don't know how to describe it.  It smelled like my childhood bar meals.  Tilly said it smelled of her father when he'd come home after drinking.  It smells, in essence, like we both think beer should.  There's a maltiness to it that is wrapped in a faint tang, but mainly malty.

The taste is good.  It tastes much stronger than it is, with a fizz that is pleasant rather than overpowering or disappointing.  There is that maltiness again, but not strong, and it underpins the flavour.  Surfing that wave there is that hoppy quality that I loved in Thoroughbred Gold and that lends a touch of spice to proceedings.  Not very hot spice, just... fuzzy.  It claims to have 'delicate citrus flavours' but I don't really buy that.  Certainly there is an edge to the taste, just sharp enough to register, and this is good.  Works better on its own, I imagine this would be too fine to be noticed were I doing my usual pizza with the beer.  Overall, it is light and the aftertaste doesn't linger too long and certainly not in the back of the throat.  It is a proper beer.  It actually tastes, well, manly.

Drink this in company that is also drinking this.  I imagine it would have an even better taste on tap.  Drink a couple of pints on a lovely summer day on their own or else a pint after a meal in winter either in the bar itself or in the garden, weather depending.  Don't try to analyse it, enjoy it.  It is a good beer, worth spending a bit on actually, but do arrange for someone else to drive if you're out!

EDIT - This looks like a very popular beer - hundreds of reviews out there!

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