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Friday, 6 July 2012

Out of Hibernation

It's been a busy few weeks.  National measurable data don't create themselves but, mercy me, it's been a busy one.  First time I've done two rounds in a single examination season ever and... well, I may do it again but it has been painful.

I have loads of things I want to post but it'll have to wait until next week.  Instead, a few things that cropped up that are worth recording and sharing.  Tay Zonday.  Youtube phenomenon.  I blame whoever it was that posted him singing Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe on Rachel's Haven for me ending up watching all of his stuff.  Mama Economy  has been duly downloaded and the violinist on that, one Lindsey Stirling, has now been added to my list of awesome artists.

The video below left me wistful.  Not because of the music (that would be this one) but because of what she's wearing.  I can't tell if I would like Tilly to wear it so I could see it or if I want me to wear it so I can feel it or if I want to be her so I could look like that.  Whatever it is, wistful.

Through her dubsetp violin piece, which is awesome by the way, I found that marking to dubstep significantly increased my sense of urgency and my productivity (though also included some dancing in my seat - I looked like a complete berk and my dancing is... not unique but certainly 'special', but I still like to do it when I don't think anyone will see.  I like singing too, but that is strictly when I'm alone).  See below.

I'm now well and truly shatnered and Tilly has madness on over the weekend.  Sleep is calling.  Oh, I read this, I shall no doubt post my feelings on it when I'm awake.

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