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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Beer Review: Yorkshire Terrier

Something a bit different because this was a cask ale I had whilst out at a meal.  Nevertheless, I'm aware that there has been a dearth of these of late and my ale sense was tingling.  So, it's beer time!

Today's offering is Yorkshire Terrier.

We went to our local, a lovely place whose food Tilly and I got used to before we had children and whilst I was doing a nice little sideline in tutoring.  Basically I'd earn about £50 on an evening and then we'd spend it with a meal here.  Best bit about British pub culture is the fact that one can get decent ales along with pretty decent food.  Also, now that there's been a smoking ban in place since about 2005 you can eat in these places without having to rinse everything you went in.

So, Yorkshire Terrier then.  It was very smooth, for want of a better word, on the syrupy side of what I usually drink and with a much creamier head than I suspect I would find from any of the bottled varieties that I usually drink.  It was a lovely golden colour, not as translucent as lagers like Carling's and such, and had plenty of fizz still in it to tickle the tongue as it passed.  It was also a very heavy ale, in that it settles in your mouth and then oozes down toward the gullet, but in a positive way.  I was glad that food came with it, even though it was only 4.2% ABV, as it was the sort of ale that needed that kind of lining.  Something to mingle with.

It was as well that it was a sipping beer too, or else it wouldn't have gone well with the meal nor with the company that we had at the time.  I should point out that the children were there too (another thing about British pub culture I guess) and they were uninterested in Daddy's brew, which is for the best (the daughter is no fan of anything fizzy and the Boy, though he has tried beers, is not a fan at all either).

It had a sort of milky quality to it.  Almost like flavoured milkshake or perhaps a less meaty bovril drink.  It's the sort of ale that would leave you with foam around your top lip if you're not careful.  However, it keeps the fizz for a good long while, not going flat as I ate my meal, and tastes strong enough to outweigh the delectable gammon, eggs and chips I was having (no, really, very nice) along with some French mustard.  That makes it a pretty heavy hitter in the taste section.  Smell was nothing special, more yeasty than hops, and the overall impression was a mellow one.

It was a good one to enjoy with a meal (beating a pint of Tubthumper I had last time I visited my Father, again with a meal) and not a bad price for a pint at our local (though there are much cheaper options out there that would have been just as nice).  I wouldn't recommend it as one you have when you're out, maybe get a keg of it in and a few friends round for an uncomplicated but well-cooked meal in front of a DVD (might I recommend Ashes to Ashes) and some light-hearted conversation.

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