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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Wow, looks like I missed the spike caused by being mentioned over at Dee's place!  That means people were greeted with a fairly random post about walls of text, iPads and other fripperies!  It's been a while since I posted here because I've been working on marking and stuff - call it a mini-hiatus - and so I genuinely wasn't expecting visitors, just let me tidy up a bit around here - ignore the cupboard, NO, DON'T OPE- too late, sorry.

Anyway, I think that'll be clear enough, do take a seat.  Can I get you anything?  Tea? Coffee? Beer? Juice?  We've got most things in I think.  Oh, and do have a cake, they're lovely and I can make a decent skein of icing if I try hard enough.

Still one of my favourite and most inspiring images, I've
posted it three times on here now.  Another one can't hurt...
The first thing to note is that this place has had its issues living up to the title since I started it but there have been some really nice moments in the last few months.  Not least of which was the lovely surprise that I was the 1,000th commenter at Dee's blog.  More to the point, Dee knew who I was enough to say some really nice and flattering things, for which I am very grateful indeed.  Then there is the lovely Elle who continues to say nice things just generally and whose blog I must make time to read properly.  Also, I find there are new followers, to whom I say thank you as well.  It really is quite empowering to have people read what I write here, and very humbling too that so many people who write with such passion of their own, or create captions, or go through their own stories stop by and look at this place.

At present I'm in a kind of limbo, waiting for feedback on my current assignment and avoiding doing my main work at home - I have enough free time now that things have moved to examination stations at work to get everything done there.  I'm looking forward to planning some things well in advance for next year and enjoying having a bit of breathing space to plan and create some new lessons - well, mainly re-create existing ones.  Tilly and the children are also in good places at the moment - we've been experimenting with educational approaches and may have found one that will work for us and bring great positives.  It's not for everyone, I guess, but at heart I'm a bit of a conformist so maybe it could be if society were different.  And, indeed, if our choice of method was utilised more, even if not fully adopted by any one person, then society would be different.

So, to sum up, thanks for stopping by, it really means quite a bit that you have and do check out the veal.

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