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Friday, 15 June 2012

Wall of Text

I've been crying off posting places due to work for two weeks now and I have to say that I may have over-reacted a little.   If anything, the work situation has been reatively light and I've been able to be online in a much more relaxed fashion than I've been used to since starting this blog - as a consequence of rationed web time I have managed to post here pretty darn regularly and with some detailed posts about all manner of things.  I've even had more beer in the last few weeks than I've managed over the course of months and been out twice - to the cinema and a work's do.

This is likely now to change.  I have around 400 national exam papers to mark and these ones won't be online, nor will I have a handy four day weekend in which to mash through most of that allocation followed by some more days holiday in which to finish it.

On the plus side it will prevent me from going... a little bit overboard in e-mails to kind and friendly people or writing effusive PMs on forums.  Both of these things tend to go... well, not badly, more they end up freaking people out because I am poor at finding the right balance in social situations: either wordy and shy or effusive and... overwhelming?  I think that's the politest way to put it.

Anyway, the point is this, it's been a nice two weeks.  It won't mean my work-based shiz is going to be any more sorted now than it was a few weeks ago and it does mean that I'll crash at some point in the ill-defined but potentially near future.  However, it does mean that, for the moment at least, life is pretty good.

I may also have access to an iPad now, so I apologise in advance if I do that awful thing were I post from it and it then explains to the world that I posted from an iPad - it's not mine, I should stress, and it's supposed to be a work tool.  We'll see.  I am struggling to work out the work-based application of an iPad over, say, an integrated laptop/projector system with a remote (which I already have access to) or even just bog-standard card-sorts, worksheets and role-play materials (of which I have built many).  Did I ever mention just how much I use powerpoint?  I think I've even managed to hide the fact so well that people tell me what I do with it is interactive and describe other experiences with other people in other departments as "death by powerpoint" when they use it less than I do!  The iPad is, of course, not compatible with powerpoint - it can play 'em (I found the relevant app for free, the costly one allows me to edit, but not play 'em as I've built them - it lacks fonts, layers, animations and all sorts of gubbins I use quite routinely) but I can't make 'em.

We'll see.

I have a drive tomorrow starting at 6am.  I am sorely tempted to try it in heels but remember that the drive to the park after Iron Sky, no matter how much I enjoyed it, was a tad unsafe in boots with 3.5inch heels.  It's probably not the best idea I've had to attempt a much longer one, with likely busier roads, in heels!

Ah, wall of text.  I shall stop.


  1. As for the whole Powerpoint thing, people tend to ask me why I continue to buy the official versions (or in the past, pirate) of Microsoft Office Professional when there are so many awesome freebie programs that do everything that Office does.

    To this I say BULLSHIT! If there were anything as good as Publisher and Powerpoint for free .. I would probably be using them already! At work, I'm still using Office 2003 and it still has more features than Open Office et al.

    1. Oh absolutely agreed on the powerpoint and Office suite front. There is nothing that can quite deal with things the way you can on powerpoint - especially the animations and the fonts and the clever little transitions.

      Mind you, I can see the new way forward being interesting if the new technology is shared with the students - that way lies some interesting sharing technology and ideas.

  2. Hey, Teach!

    Just a thought on using the iPad for personal pursuits; If it is supplied by and/or accessed via your employer/workplace connection, my thinking is that, any anonymity or involvement with topics/blogs/sites which you'd rather not have your supervisors become aware of, would be potentially at risk of discovery if accessed on 'company' equipment or service.

    I would hate to think that your liberty, profession, or testimony became jeopardized because logging-on to your blog or visiting another sent a red flag up at the IT dept. of your workplace.

    Just a thought, darling! Wouldn't want you in any hot water that wasn't comfy & bubbly!


    1. Thank you for the warning!

      It's a good point and one I wasn't really considering when mulling over my eventual and inevitable descent into Apple-Lover. Likely such things will wait until I purchase one of my very own to run business related programmes. :(

      As in :( that I will end up buying one, not that I'll have to wait.


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