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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Beer Review: Sovereign

This is about as close as I'll be getting to the whole Jubilee shenanigans we were subjected to.  I ought not to complain, as it gave us a four day weekend but, in truth, I was unaffected by either it or the extra holiday.  As a consequence the only connection I have with it would be the beer I picked up for my pizza and watching Life on Mars (the UK original) night with Tilly.

Tonight's beer was Sovereign and was a random pick up from my local supermarket.

The design of the label says it was supposed to be connected to the whole Jubilee thing but, mercifully, that's as far as it went.  At 4% ABV it was more my usual (though you wouldn't think it to check out the reviews so far posted on the blog) and it smelled like a beer should.  My beard grew when I first tasted it and declared this blonde British made ale to be of my usual taste and standard.  On checking the label I was informed that the single hop that had been used to brew the beer was a British one designed to replace the Fuggles.  Bloody things.

It therefore has the right taste that I associate with beer - it was a proper ale in my humble opinion.  Smooth enough, not too fizzy, so no frothing with every mouthful but a clear straight to my head quality that continued throughout me supping it.  I suspect that it ought to have been poured into a pint class for full enjoyment but I liked the squat nature of the bottle and the dark brown glass colour.  Also, not too much mist from the CO2 when I opened it, which I am taking as a good thing.

It went well with the Meat Feast pizza from our local takeaway, and even managed to keep going afterward.  A proper slow beer that can be tasted and enjoyed and also still work to make me feel light headed enough that I can forget just how scared I am all the time.  Lovely.  It's a drink it all beer - not for sharing and the first I've not offered to Tilly to taste and see what she thinks.  It was my beer and it knew it.

Best drunk, in my opinion, whilst holding forth in a bar conversation with people you may or may not know.  Have it in a pint glass, give your opinion straight, punctuate with sips from the pint and when it's gone then you stop and let someone else speak.  It'll be your round too.  I'll probably be having this again.

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