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Friday, 8 June 2012

Beer Review: 5am Saint

BrewDog can be picked up just about anywhere these days, a micro-brewery in Scotland apparently, known for doing daft things like putting beer in dogs, no really, stuffed dogs that you drink from.  Anyway, they clearly have a sense of humour and the bottle has some really fuinny stuff on it.

I am, of course, referring to the rather attractively named 5am Saint which is this week's addition to my beer reviews.

It's marginally strong at 5% ABV and is described, rightly, as an amber ale.  I'm not really a fan of amber ales that don't have honey somewhere in the mix, don't ask me why that should be, but I'm not.  It's a small bottle, 330ml, making it a bit of an expensive punt too, being roughly similar in price to other ales of higher volume in the bottle.  What made me, the arch-miser, buy this particular brew then, I hear you ask.  Simple reason, the bottle carries, as with most ales, a description.  And this one is brilliant.

"You probably don't know much about beer.  You don't understand beer.  You don't know what good beer is or how pathetic mass-market beers truly are.  This is condemningly ironic considering how much beer we actually drink in the UK.

"Would you apply the same lack of care, knowledge and passion in other areas of your life?  What does this say about you?

"Maybe you want to define yourself with bland, tasteless lowest common denominator beer.

"We won't have any part in it.

"It is not all your own fault.  Constrained by lack of choice.  Seduced by the monolithic corporate brewers huge advertising budgets.  Brain-washed by vindictive lies perpetrated with the veracity of psuedo-propaganda.  You can't help but be sucked down the rabbit hole.

"At BrewDog we are on a mission to open as many people's eyes as possible.  The UK beer scene is sick.  And we are the doctor."

Alas, this is not the beer that does the curing.  For that, we have to turn to Trashy Blonde, which is, by far, my favourite tipple of the BrewDog stable.  Alas, at two bottles to make a dent it is pretty darn pricey and so I don't go down that route often.

What can I say?  Enjoy this with similar humoured friends after a meal while watching DVDs late into the night in the summer, preferably when it's warm, and maybe some salty snacks to keep you drinking.  It won't reward you much after reading the bottle but it may give you something to talk about and it isn't so bad that you'd kick it out of bed for making crumbs.  Also, it gains KUDOS for quoting Renate from Iron Sky a full three years before it came out.

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