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Sunday, 3 June 2012

An Adventure

After going to see Iron Sky (go see it) last week or so I drove home quite late at night.  I had taken with me my dress from ASDA and a pair of boots specifically for the purpose.  It was midnight when I finally pulled into an empty carpark near a park.  I got changed in the car and then walked off down into the woods, as far as I dared, near the trees and out of sight of the road and car park, but still within the sodium glow of the street lights.  It was a balmy night, good weather and I was still pretty stoked from the film.

The boots were a pleasant surprise to walk in.  The heel did not bother me as much as I thought it might and it did make me attempt to roll my butt a little more in order to stay even as I walked.  The slatted wood of the path over the boggy bits helped make an awesome clicking noise as I walked too.  I toyed with the idea of wandering into the main park itself and prolonging the experience but I had no watch on and I was having to carry my car keys, of course there were no pockets.  I bottled it and decided to head back to the car.

Then another car came into the car park and so I hid in the bushes as best I could to avoid being seen.  It drove around once, circling, and then came back to where I was parked.  It pulled up beside my car.  At this point I realised just how stupid I'd been - I had no idea who these people were, what if they were police and I was illegally parked?  How could I brazenly walk back to my car?  I had no form of protection or anything.  Then they pulled out again and drove around once more, pomming their horn as they did so.  Finally, the car left.

But another came in and I was forced back into hiding.  This was ridiculous, it was gone midnight, why were people driving around the sodding car park?

And through it all there was only my concern that I had failed to wear knickers and my boxers were doing a particularly poor job of disguising how much I was enjoying being in a dress and boots.

Mercifully the second car just drove around once and then left.  I got in my car, got changed as quickly as I could, and then left myself, noting that another car had parked in the carpark at some point since I had arrived, it seemed empty, which was a little horrifying.  I had heard rumours, I remembered, that this particular car park was a hot spot for dogging - pretty scary given how I'd been dressed moments before.  I drove home and got myself sorted without further incident.

So, what can I say?

I enjoyed the combination of boots and dress.  I felt very comfortable.  I felt very much like me.  I want to do it again.  I want to do it for longer.  But I need to find a better place to do this sort of thing where I'm not constantly worried about being seen!  With practice I could so do wearing heeled boots justice.  I'm still very much a bearded man in a dress.

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