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Friday, 25 May 2012


It's like I've been underwater, or smothered in blankets or in a tunnel or something, but today I feel like I'm... I dunno, out.  Like I'm breathing freely again or just...

I mean, this just sounds scary.  The leader
suggested that this would be particularly
damaging.  Why?

So much to talk about, but I'm off out tonight to see Iron Sky at the cinema.  Yes, I know, I'm out to see a film and have fun.  It means my weekly beer will be tomorrow night whilst watching Eurovision, which promises to be politically significant again, and that the article about Travolta in the Daily Star (hardly the most reputable newspaper in the world) that I want to blog about will also have to wait until a more opportune time.

It's probably going to be really really bad, but I don't care.
Tilly is about to come down from getting the kiddliwinks to bed and we're having fish and chips.  Then I'm off to see the film.  I've packed a bag with my dress and boots in it.  You never know.

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