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Thursday, 24 May 2012


Given how the week began I was so not expecting happiness at any point.  So, the fact that there have been some really nice things going on for me since Monday is all the more delightful and surprising.

Firstly, I was hanging around a little more on Rachel's Haven and doing what I usually do with a new social place: posting more or less at random as the fancy took me.  I didn't have much to say, and my posting wasn't anywhere near as quick as it has been in some other places in the past, but it meant that a few hours snatched before bed were a little more fun.  If it is possible to post shyly on forums then I was doing that.

All of sudden, Elle posted a nice PM, which I didn't get for a while, and then blow me if they didn't make me a lovely little caption.  Given how incredibly giddy I got when I was last made a caption it is, perhaps, unsurprising that I was made very giddy again.  I posted my thanks and then they posted back their pleasure that I had enjoyed their work, so far so standard, but they referred to me as 'Bex'.  I don't know what possessed me to use that moniker on the forum (my username is something I'm more universally known as online) but it wasn't in a terribly obvious place, so the kind Elle had picked it up and had somehow intuited its status.  Now, I had all but forgotten the status, I think I've mentioned it on here before though.  I had forgotten how much I liked the name, I have Toby to thank for it, but... Yeah, it put me in a ridiculously good mood.

Yeah, about the right age but the person in question doesn't
wear glasses.  Still, I tend to quail in the presence of
angry or defensive people and do all I can to diffuse the
Then there was the observation of my teaching by someone that has been putting me under a lot of undue pressure this year with the support that isn't support.  I was hot and tired and the students, not all of them, weren't exactly helping.  It's not like they were being badly behaved or anything, I just had a couple of students that have reached the point of being 'lumps'.  So I was gloomy about the outcome and paranoid that an observation would be used to keep the support going for other motives (read: the member of staff in charge doesn't like me very much).  This gloominess persisted despite the 'Bex' reference.  Imagine my surprise when my feedback today, two days after being observed so a bit of a wait, was mostly positive!

Go here.
Coupled with a student who is leaving, as are all Upper Sixth Formers, to do their exams at the end of the week popping by with a card and a present (I don't get many of those - something about my manner means I get lovely testimonials about how much I've changed peoples' viewpoints and challenged them to think in new ways but rarely get presents and cards), this is a good day!  It's been lovely weather, very warm and sunny, I burned some money to make a point with a class (I know, cheaply done) and Iron Sky is on tomorrow night at a local cinema.

I'm almost afraid to say it in case I jinx it, but life is good at the moment.  It doesn't take much, does it?  But, yeah, I'm good.  Life is good.  Don't happen often so I'll say it here as it does!

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