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Monday, 14 May 2012

Life is a One-Way Street, Ain't it?

If I could paint it, I'd draw myself goin' in the right direction.

After the Event: looks like someone's smiling, happy to be here, blue skies heaven sent.  After working out the cause of her blow up, Tilly did indeed settle right down.  She laughed about it, and has been more friendly - she's trying really hard to make it up to me, I know that, and she's going out of her way.  I had time on Sunday to mark and do work stuff that I don't ordinarily have - I didn't even have to say how long I'd be.

So now work is front and centre again with stress, the specifics aren't important, just the knowledge that, at the moment, wherever I go and whatever I do will end up the same way - it's me that broadcasts what allows it all to happen.  And I am lazy.

Other news, Iron Sky is now only out in the UK on 23 May and only in a few cinemas.  It has a DVD release date of 25 May.  I am saddened by this, I had hoped it would be a small hit that I could see at the big screen a couple of times.  Chances of going with someone I know are slim to zero.  I have successfully avoided anything approaching a friendship since around New Year.

I prefer peace [...] but essentially I'm an animal, so what I do with all the aggression?

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