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Saturday, 12 May 2012

I am Jack's bitter sense of stupidity

I feel the rage that courses cold through the veins after the denouement of the last little saga.  If I keep going then Jack will likely fulfil the predictions made about him by his wife.  I am the little part of Jack that keeps him guessing about how bad things will get and I am the part of him that keeps him from ever getting any better.  I make sure that Jack will never figure out what is going on, will take all the wrong things seriously and will then be left in a kind of emotional void when the previous settings didn't work out how he thought they would.

I am a fan of Fight Club, does it show?

Basically, Tilly has been on some homeopathic stuff to help her detox from the phenomenal amounts of sugar she'd been putting away since sometime before Easter to help her cope with the sleep deprivation that our son brings with him.  Turns out that one of the side-effects, when it hits a certain level within the body, is to increase the hormonal imbalances in the brain that cause intense emotions - ergo Tilly got all worked up and emotional with no real reason.

Enjoy Jonah's party.

Interesting facts: 25 months; 8 days; 22 months; 1 hour; 11 months and counting.  Did I mention self-serving?

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