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Thursday, 3 May 2012


I'd forgotten about this, but I found it again.

It's... haunting. Also, disturbingly accurate.  Do not watch if you're already feeling a tad melancholic or down.  It's not worth that.  It's a great song, by a great artist.  If you're melancholy or down then try the offering below, one day I shall link it with the Pet Shop Boys, one day...

This song seems to me to mean more than Hannon ever meant it to mean.  I imagine it being spoken, with rhythm, in a church with unnatural lighting.  I imagine it a call to arms and a warning all rolled into one.  But my imagination is a tricky beast.


  1. I do like those songs. He sings like a cross between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

  2. Yeah, the whole discography is awesome. Unfortunately the two tracks above are B-sides, so it's not like you can get the Best Ofs or the albums and have all the good stuff.

    I can heartily recommend most of the tracks on 'Fin de sciele' though, which I rediscovered whilst pootling about recently at work. It's the orchestral backing that does it, I think, he manages to condense the seedy bass of Cave with some of the soulful pull one associates with female artists and there's a raw emotion that puts me in mind of Gotye...

    "Something for the Weekend" and "Frog Princess" are the comedy classics though.


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