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Monday, 21 May 2012

Expecting the unexpected

I asked to view my records at work last week.  My father's wife, who worked as head of HR for a number of years, said I shoudl expect a five day wait at maximum.  Imagine my surprise when I asked today and was told it was policy that I would wait for forty days(!).  I'm also stressed out about an observation tomorrow that will likely say that I am 'satisfactory' which is now the new threshold for 'support' on my teaching practice.  As I am already on a version of 'support' I know that this does not mean what it says.  DoubleSpeak and DoubleThink ate doubleplusgood with the duckspeakers at my Ministry of Truth and Love.  My pressure will, of course, decrease to twice as much as I already feel.

I poked around at ASDA today and found another sale on.  Not sure I can justify any spending on the items I would like, even at the prices they are now, as I haven't really got the funds.  Compounded by Tilly's recent spending on her own business, which I subbed as she needed a float and had a complicated hoo-hah with Barclays about.  It made for a busy day yesterday that finished with me attempting to plan a full lesson in short order on AIDS, I got a bit of the way and then had to stop.  Tonight I should be marking acres of books.  But I left them at work.  An observation first thing tomorrow followed by those books and some reports will likely make me stressed enough to dress again soon.

The other surprises are less surprising.  I made an ass of myself in the comments of someone whom I respect's blog, I haven't dared comment again since.  I get that way sometimes.  And I simply ran out of things to say in a forum where people were being rather nice and interactive.  Given the looming exam marking season this is perhaps for the best.  But my beer reviews have generated the most traffic of any posts in the last month.  May I apologise for any beer affectionados who have stumbled on this blog and wonder what the chuff is going on!

Um... that's it.


  1. You really shouldn't feel self-conscious when it comes to posting in another person's blog!

    I enjoy when you comment!

    Even when you are confirming what another person said, it *IS* a contribution.

    I bet the "making an ass of yourself" part was blown way out of proportion on your end.

    And I toured a brewery this morning as part of the 13th anniversary celebration between my GF and I. The fact that she didn't mind (as long as we went to the Aquarium as well) is probably one of the reasons why we are still together after 13 years!

  2. Indeed, I shouldn't, but I do. *smile*

    And cool on the tour of the brewery! I think the last time I did that I was a student of tender 15 years on a German exchange trip in Flensburg. God knows what the teachers were thinking on that one - we all got free beer presentation packs but weren't allowed to keep them, they were taken by the tea- Oh! That's what they were thinking!


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