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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


So I got the following:

S.A.G.E. Test Results
Your Raw Score is: -300, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous
Your appearance is Masculine
Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person.
You appear to socialize in a androgynous manner.
You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity.
You indicated your were born Male.
Male to Female Crossdresser
  • Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young.
  • You are in a statistical minority as a anallophilic crossdresser. Most crossdressers are heterosexual. Your motivation for crossdressing may be driven by the undirected nature of your sexuality, as a way to more fully explore the Female gender role.
On this: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/sage/

Apart from egregarious spelling errors I found this... different.

And the formatting issues on blogspot are going to slowly drive me mad!


  1. I haven't taken this one yet. On others, I usually score in the androgyne range, too. Not sure what I learn from them, but it's more objective than a horoscope.

  2. Agreed, I took it out of morbid curiosity. Also, the whole thing, if professional, makes me deeply worried about the medical profession. I mean, there were plenty of spelling errors and some of the questions... let's just say I felt scientific in my critique, and that shouldn't happen in a scientific survey.

    Also, the definition of maculinity in some cases had me worried. I think I've been reading too much anarcho-feminism or something.


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