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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dreams and Nightmares

So, I don't usually record dreams these days, but last night's was a doozy and worth being written down.  I think.

A biot of background: not been sleeping well lately due to stress from work and general feeling of 'down-ness'.  Not terribly unusual for me.  I've been finding it harder to get out of bed since starting back at work and I've been staying up later and stressing more.  So, on the way to meet the family after my daughter's ballet lesson (I met them there after work) I stopped off and bought an energy drink.  Sure, I know, a pair of knickers works better with fewer side effects, I wanted the side effects.  That was 5pm.

Tilly and I had pizza take-out which came with Pepsi.  I drank the Pepsi.  Did I mention that I don't drink things with caffeine in them very often?

I found sleep hard.  At 1am I had severe cramp all up my leg, forcing me to curl up and I wasn't able to walk and get some water to help solve it until about 1.30.  Then I was haunted by images out of the corner of my eye, basically I freaked myself out in the dark and got back to the sofa.  At about 2am I had the sudden feeling that I wasn't alone.  In my dream I had been in my classroom at work, but this abruptly disappeared into proper no-light darkness.  I couldn't move, I couldn't speak.  And someone came into view.

Couldn't describe him now but he scared the living shit out of me.

I said "You're the Devil" out loud, as I woke up too, and then I could see the room again.  I want to stress that my eyes were open and that there was enough glow outside for me to see perfectly well, though it was dark-ish, in the living room.  I further want to stress that I wasn't sleeping very deeply, I had already woken on a number of occasions.  I also want to point out that it had only been half an hour-ish since I was out of bed getting a drink.

When I originally woke I could see nothing but my eyes were open.  Not until I named the scary figure could I see stuff.

Tilly blames caffeine and my choice of pizza.  I think she's probably right.  But Sunday was the first time I took a decision to not go up for Communion.

So, atheists and those of other faiths: convince me!

Please... it was quite scary.

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