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Friday, 16 March 2012

Jesus Christ, Moon Nazis and Fascism

Not often I can get the concepts in the title into the same sentence but this last week has allowed me to do just that, rather effectively.  It's been a bad few days, just over a week, and I've found things hard to deal with: I'm not one for confrontation, despite my strong words on here, and I tend to think ill of myself regardless.  I have a problem when other people criticise me or what I'm doing in that I immediately take what they say as gospel.

At the same time, things have not been all bad.  I have discovered a film that I abso-positively-lutely have to see, it's out in the UK on 20 April and the US on 4 April this year, which looks awesome.  From that I have found a group whose approach to music I seem to enjoy and, through them, I have discovered a version of a song that I already enjoyed (Tilly's fault) that seems a bit more real and honest than some of the stuff I've heard.  Although the song is a cover, I get the impression that the lyrics are being sung with a real raw honesty.  Mind you, I could just be reading into it things that aren't there.

I'm sorry, but any film that has 'Moon
Nazis' as a principal term, let alone the
bad guys, gets my vote.  The fact that the
tagline of the whole silly enterprise is
"The Battle for Earth is Gonna Get Nazi!"
is just the icing on the cake!
First, the film.  I was talking to Catherine on Google+ and she asked me if I had heard of a new film that seemed my sort of thing: Iron Sky.  I hadn't, so I looked it up, naturally that's what I would do it being close to midnight and having a busy day at work coming up, what else would I do?  I saw the first trailer and I was hooked.  I rapidly became obsessed with the song there that was an original, but only rather short.  There's a fan extended version that I played a few times.  Then there was a second trailer, and a third and now a fourth.  Then there's the actual theatrical trailer.  In those latter ones there was the song B Maschina that I decided to hunt down.  At first I thought it was another original that had been created for the film, it did fit rather well, so imagine my suprise when the original turned up by Siddharta.  However, I discovered that the original lacked something from the film version that I enjoyed.  This version was a cover version by Laibach.

So, obviously, I went searching for them too.  I found some more of their stuff that I rather liked and started playing it a lot.  Then, this evening, when looking after The Boy, I discovered, by accident, this.  I think I may be as obsessed with this as I was with my shoes when I bought them.  But that doesn't surprise me much, I have an addictive and faddish personality when confronted with such things.

Did someone call for help?
Still, the work situation has prevented me from posting and from getting any further with Reality/Shifts which is a little upsetting as I was enjoying writing it.  The long and the short of it is that I feel I am being given mixed messages and unclear instructions that are designed to ensure I don't follow them exactly.  I won't fail so much as be subjected to continuous stress in the guise of 'support', which it plainly isn't, until such time as my new superior can get rid of me and appoint someone that she chose to the position.  It's not fun, and not helped by the fact that I'm pretty wet and generally irritating when I do my whipped puppy impersonation.  Anyone who speaks to me for any length of time inevitably gets bored of the fact that nothing about me changes and the fact that I let people use me as a doormat.  I'm a bit weak and pathetic in that sense.  Is it any wonder that the work I have most affection for of my own is a story about a cross-dressed male damsel in distress being rescued by a female knight in shining armour?

The situation at work is not helped by the small matter of my inability to use situations to my advantage and my tendency to gravitate toward lying and cheating despite my outwardly high morals.  When my old superior was leaving he gave me some documentation on his replacement that I wasn't supposed to see.  I read it, it was gold in the sense that it was a document that showed the incoming replacement was deeply flawed.  I kept it, of course, to crow over in private and remind myself of her failings when I needed a pick-me-up.  Then I forgot about it.  And she found it.  Now, there's no proof I have read it, owned it or even seen it before she found it.  But she suspected me.  She knows, I know she knows and she knows I know.  Now she's found the motivation to destroy me.  And I have lied through my teeth to everyone who'll listen that I was unaware of the document.  This is hardly a christian approach to such things and may explain my current obsession with the Laibach cover mentioned earlier, and the honesty with which I feel they sing the lyrics.  Not that I agree with the lyrics, incidentally, I just enjoy the music and find the set up intriguing.

This evening I shall have some beer.  I shall have some shit in a pot (Pot Noodle mostly) and I will do bog all until I sleep.  And I will enjoy it.


  1. Well, you have totally sold me on Iron Sky. I love anachronistic dystopian films, like Brazil or Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam rocks!). Laibach, on the other hand, seems a bit silly, but, hey, not all German bands can be Kraftwerk, ja?

  2. Yay! A convert! I must see Brazil, and when I saw Twelve Monkeys I was too busy doing my First World War thang, still a good film.

    Apparently, after more digging, it turns out that Laibach are Slovenian!


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