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Friday, 2 March 2012

Creative Writing

Life has done it's usual and intervened.  I literally haven't had time to do anything other than work and quick pointless comments, my comments I mean, not that comments were pointless... I'll start again:
Tonight, I'm having a night off.  I've had a glass of Leffe.  I've been to ASDA to get some Indian snacks to go with our so-not-homemade, vat-produced, salt-infested, full-of-shit curry (very tasty) and seen that the boots I occasionally bang on about are reduced to £15.  If they're still there the next time I go alone I may just buy them, though Lord knows where I'll put them.

Also, yesterday, whilst out at a function, I found time to write, like, actually write.  It was fiction.  It has definite links to transvestism and possible trans-gender issues.  I can honestly say that I've never written anything like it at all.  As a consequence I don't feel it the sort of thing I can post anywhere but, well, here.  I can post it to Rachel's Haven when it's polished, and maybe even fictionmania after that.  But at the moment it's still unfinished and with huge gaping holes in it.  So I'll type it up here.  Who knows, people might even read it if I do!

I shall post it separately though, so that it can easily be isolated from my stream of consciousness blogging.  I shouldn't have beer on an evening, I really shouldn't.

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