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Saturday, 18 February 2012


I've said before that I want to do more creative things, but captioning isn't something I feel that I can do as well as other people out thereThese people are so good that it actually makes it hard to join them, as a learner I would not feel confident enough to join in!

However, there are places for longer fiction of various types that I do think I could have a go at matching.  I have an idea for a piece that has been in my head since about 2000 and I think now I have more plot and such to have a go.  Not tonight, not now, Tilly has run a successful Fair that has been really good but it does mean that I am too shattered for original thought.

Yeah, this is not the kind of thing I mean totally but it is
close enough for illustrative purposes.
I have synopsis of it now though, it involves a 21st birthday party; a 22 year old; "forced-fem" and some regression-y type focus.  Basically, I have this plan for someone who goes to a 21st and then gets involved in something where they have to dress and ends up being treated as younger than everyone else, perhaps younger than drinking age, and ends up being taken home as someone else's sister in their car (that is, the bloke's car) driven by their 'elder sister' for the summer.  I want it to include some hypnosis too, but subtle types, and a reduction in some functional intelligence.  I'm a bit of a glasses fetishist and so I suppose it would come under the need to wear strong glasses (can you tell I've got 20/20 vision?) and being too young to drive etc and being treated like that until it becomes second nature.

I dunno, is that the sort of thing people would actually read?  I guess I'd have to write it and see.  I record it here so I don't lose the idea, but would welcome any feedback at all.

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  1. I would say to GO FOR IT! Even if its just for yourself.

    I found out early on that I have no attention span for actually creating full length stories of any sort. As a lyricist, I knew that I could focus on short little blurb type narratives, and once I saw some TG captions, I got addicted.

    So I say that you should give it a shot. Especially since Joanna's from the UK tend to write TG really well!


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