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Monday, 30 January 2012

Songs of my safe place

In an attempt to get back to my safe place, and the enjoyment and creativity of it all, I have had songs stuck in my head all day.  I shall post them here briefly because I can:
The journey there segues into a storm before becoming more playful.  I particularly like the birdsong in the first one.  My walks there with my children over the last two days revealed that there was birdsong in the woods but it was limited.  Chitting and awking from blackbirds and tits.  Nothing songbird like, which I realise now I quite like.

My shower continues to disappoint, and my inner critic loves to lay into me for failing.

It's a very short update, so I shall add those inspiring pictures to one post.
She looks free, that's all I'm saying.

Still seems inspiring, like there's a major story lurking here
if only I could write it.  Want to feel this scene.

Who wouldn't want a shower like that?

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