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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mid Holiday Season

And things are going relatively well...

This is the thing that broke me on Christmas Eve.  It had me weeping in pain,
and yet... It was actually not the fault of the house.  I've looked it over now
that I don't have that headache and it's actually pretty simple: even I can do
it.  What concerns me about it all is that it took five hours to get this done!
I had my last therapy session and I was asked to record something, but I've completely forgotten what that was.  That splitting headacher got much worse and by Christmas Eve I was attempting to put together a doll's house for our children and weeping.  It was a relatively simple build but every five minutes I had to sit down, close my eyes and massage my temples, it hurt to even bend down to look at the screws, let along actually make my hand screw the dang things in with the tiny screwdriver I own for the purpose.  Whatever else can be said about my manliness, owning tools was something I made a pretty bad deal of.  I wasn't able to help wrap the rest of the presents for my children (the hour long task of doing the doll's house took about five) nor make up the bicycle for my daughter from my mother.  I essentially wimped out and went to bed.  Then I rolled from my pit (the sofa) about half eight the following morning, failed to get ready in time to take anyone to church, miserably failed to prevent the children opening a present my wife wanted to see them opening whilst she had a shower and fell asleep on the sofa again until about midday.  It pretty much sucked from my point of view, but at least the children had fun.

Because this is how it 'should be'.  God forbid
that the children should be allowed to mix.
Don't girls have cooties or something?
My Dad came over on Boxing Day, which was nice, and I did feel better, and today we went to the park and observed a family of three children whilst there.  The two boys were playing football, natch, and the girl was riding a pink bike.  So far so much the gender identity thing I was babbling about.  Then the girl wanted to join in.  At first the boys were simply openly hostile to her playing, which was fine and sibling rivalry I guess, but then it turned nastier.  The youngest simply asked her, repeatedly and with venom, if she was a boy, saracastically, as though the answer should obviously disqualify her from playing the game.  This wasn't such a terrible thing, I suppose, we're told that this is normal and that this is to be expected from boys and girls when placed in a social situation at a young age (the girl would have been about six or seven, the boys about eight and ten).  What shocked me was the reaction of the mother of this brrod who not only did nothing to prevent it but almost reinforced the behaviour when the older lad checked her first before joining in.  Her silence effectively set the roles.

Meh, I'm getting all worked up about nothing I expect, it's the Christmas season and tempers get frayed.  The girl was riding a pastel pink bicycle and the boys had crew cuts, what exactly was I expecting?

My ire on this issue is interesting to me though, something I'll no doubt reflect on later.

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