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Sunday, 18 December 2011

An Episode

Hurrah, I took a picture.  Not sure this does them justice but
at least I don't have to keep poorly describing them.  My
favourite pair of knickers - now there's a phrase I never
thought I'd be typing.
This is not a first: at a computer when dressed; but it is a first for this blog and certainly since I started thinking about it all again more clearly and with some kind of aim in mind.  I'm in my silk effect (for it's entirely artificial) candy pink chemise from ASDA that I can't seem to find a picture of online, sitting on the sofa that is set up to be my bed.  Beside me are the knickers I keep banging on about and, just before I go to sleep tonight I shall put them on, but the physical effects of dressing are such that I'll probably hold them in reserve for now.  The chemise, if that is what it is, is unironed and it really does show.  The knickers aren't terribly well cared for either.  They were once, I owned both before my wife moved in, and they didn't get a great deal of use.

I've spent a long time thinking through what I was going to write here and, I have to say, this wasn't one of the things that I envisaged.  At some point I'm going to have to tell the story of how I got to be here, because that's the sort of thing that I do: I'm honest in all the wrong ways!

Naughty naughty, I didn't check where this image actually came
from, but I would so love to wear this number to sleep.  It
looks awesome and like it would be really comfortable.
The material feels lovely when I brush my arms across it and warm against my skin, so much nicer than the normal pyjamas that I have on standby near my feet: they are rather old though.  The plan was to throw them out when I bought new back in 2005, but I'm frugal to the point of fault and so I still have them and use them.  Pathetic really.  I can happily spend the money I do on this addiction but I can't upgrade my pyjamas.  On that note, I really need to get some presents for Tilly in the coming week, from the children you understand (being quite young they're not really at the stage of doing it themselves, nor helping to choose, my daughter is still at the stage of revealing any such endeavours very quickly, which sort of spoils the surprise).

After the discovery, on the following Monday, Tilly texted me at work to explain that my daughter was drawing pictures of "Daddy in his dress" and that she didn't really know how to respond.  She elected to simply say nothing and change the subject.  When I got home that night I asked her how she would have responded before the discovery, intending to allay her fears and point out that such a response would still have been fine, but Tilly's answer cut me rather short.  "I'd have explained that Daddys don't usually wear dresses, but I can't now can I?" she looked at me, "Besides, I wasn't telling you to get advice, I was just letting you know in case it came up".  If I was clever I'd have been able to say: "Daddy doesn't usually dress in dresses."  But I didn't, and that wasn't really the point anyway.

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