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Friday, 23 December 2011

A conundrum

There's loads I want to say here, but it is close to Christmas and perhaps not the time.  Also, I have a more festively linked question that I'm turning over in my mind.

Warning, doing this in front of your own children will not
only scar them but may harm the development of their own
gender identity!  This may lead to all kinds of psychological
problems that seeing a woman in trousers or a shirt will not
because that would be sexist!  Selfish male crossdressers,
hide your shame!
When I was doing some light reading over the whole issue of cross-dressing back in the Summer I noticed that most psychiatric papers on the subject that were freely available enough for me to find and read without paying for it, even the sympathetic ones (the ones that did not advise the wives of cross-dressers to leave them lest they be left when the men had sex-changes or revealed further secrets that were even worse), advised against sharing any aspect of the behaviour with children.  It was claimed that men sharing this side of themselves (but, not, interestingly female to male cross-dressers) with their children at the wrong moment could harm their important gender identity in their formative years.  The article I linked in the last post gave me more ammunition to fire at this than I had at the time, but still, I wonder what all this gender identity is about.  Even the Bible is silent but for one verse on the subject and the translation of that implies that men should not pass off as women for the purposes of deception and women ought not to seek male roles (which, if you think about it, makes sense, but that's a topic for another time about what male roles actually are).

So who does a clearly defined gender identity actually serve?  At least, who is served by the current prevalent views of gender identity?

This is, of course, perfectly safe.  Not at all
sinister in how it protrays the roles of women
and men.
However, there was no mention in any of this literature, nor most serious looks at the topic, of pantomime dames or rugby club cross-dressing barcrawls.  Why?  If children are going to be scarred and damaged for life because a male parent sometimes wears clothes originally designed for the opposite gender (though even that is fraught with historical difficulties) won't they be scarred by these activities?  I mean, okay, you could argue that the fact that these pantomime dames etc aren't their parents but... what if they are?  Should fathers not participate in any cross-dressing activities of any kind?

Or is it that men in women's apparel are figures of fun and derision, that women's clothes in general mark them out as somehow less deserving of respect, and that women ought to dress more like men to be taken seriously in the hard-nosed society in which we live.  Therefore, anyone seriously wishing to swim against that tide, women expressing femininity or men expressing the same, should be seen as less worthy.  Women can't help it, of course, they were born that way, so the derision is lessened, but 'effective women' don't dress like that or express their femininity all the time, that would be weakness.  Men, on the other hand, choosing to take that weaker and derided role must expect hatred and derision.  Ergo, no child needs that psychological burden of uselessness placed upon them by their parents, but can quite happily partake of 'fun' in controlled circumstances.

Right now I have a splitting headache, any more I have to say will have to wait for another time.

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